Friday, August 25, 2017

Grind, grind, grind

Stuffing my face before heading down.
Long time no talk. How’s things?
Life is relatively good here. Busy training for the Whistler Gran Fondo again. Nothing says fun like spending five hours in the saddle. Last night we did the Seymour hill climb again, which is as painful as one can imagine, but has me thinking of attempting the Triple Crown at some point.
Work is work. What can I say.  I have started documenting some of the absolute batshit absurdities of working here so I can have a factual list supporting my departure when I finally do find another job. That said, do I really want to throw down and burn that particular bridge? I have been here over two years now and they are nothing if not weird here, so as much as I’d like to overturn my desk and set things on fire on my way out, I will likely take the higher road, as I always do.
Also, I seem to have a bee in my bonnet about trading in my car for a small SUV that we can car camp in. Once I start thinking about it, car purchases tend to happen pretty quickly with me. Might go and kick tires this weekend, before the Mayweather McGregor fight.
Yes, I am watching it. Yes, McGregor will likely lose. Yes, by purchasing the fight I am contributing to the income of a repeat batterer of women.
Right-o. Happy Friday!

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